In this modern day, we see the remarkable growth and development in various industries.
Along with these progresses, the plasticity-processed parts required for industrial machineries,
equipments and tools are also becoming incredibly diverse.
From the day of establishment 60 years ago, we have been specialized in metal spinning,
and producing a wide range of products with various production methods: low-volume manual crafting,
automatic spinning or high-volume production by machine press.
Nowadays, developments of new products or materials are moving fast.
And we offer the latest facilities and know-how that enable us to meet clients' needs

for producing prototypes being newly developed one after another.
We manufacture a wide range of products in size and application - from equipment parts for space satellite,
aviation or nuclear energy, to semiconductor manufacturing equipments.
We believe that the most reliable quality is produced by devotion to "monozukuri"
( Japanese manufacture philosophy - making with skill, spirit, zest, and pride)
which is traditionally the strength of Japanese manufacturing,
and the principal backboned by craftsmanship, advanced technology and skills as well as uncompromising standards set for
"each one is the only one"-i.e. fusion of expert's sensitivity and the latest technology.
We believe in the importance of continuous improvement of our skills and technologies,
and are committed to keep advancing in order to serve our clients' needs.
We would like to thank you for your warming support, and always welcome your valuable feedback.

President Satoshi Tominaga


Company Name

Kitajima Shibori Seisakusho Co., Ltd.


November 1, 1947


16,000,000 yen

Head office Factory

2-3-10Keihinjima Ota-ku Tokyo Japan
TEL.03-3790-2300 FAX.03-3790-3044

Sales Office

3-7-19 Chidori Ota-ku Tokyo Japan

Site area

Total 2506.26m3
Dec. 1996 Factory 1 expansion
Apr. 2004 Factory 2 expansion
May 2005 Factory 3 expansion


General metal plate plasticity processing, Metal Spinning, Machine Press, complex /
non-standard shape spinning & other special processing required, and sheet metal processing



President / representative director

Satoshi Tominaga



Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Denenchofu Branch Bank of Yokohama / Kamata Branch